Public Sector Pensions

As pension costs continue to rise, and municipalities face the prospect of cutting necessary services to fund their increasing liabilities, meaningful pension reform must be accomplished soon in order to protect taxpayers. In addition, we must ensure that the state retirement system remains sound and sustainable.
Learn how Florida TaxWatch and some of Florida's top policy groups have joined forces to promote pension policy reform!

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Budget Watch - House and Senate Proposed Budgets

03/2015 // A more than $4 billion dollar difference between the House and Senate budget proposals is detailed in this annual analysis of the initial budgets, which shows that the largest point of contention between the chambers is in funding the health and human services portion of the budget. 

Annual Government Efficiency Recommendations - 2015

12/2014 // The Center for Government Efficiency defines government efficiency as the intersection of cost avoidance, targeted investments and effective governance, three characteristics that define the recommendations included in this year's report, which could save Florida taxpayers billions of dollars. 

Budget Watch - Governor's Proposed Budget - FY2014-15

01/2014 // Highlights from Governor Rick Scott's proposed budget plan for FY 2014-15 are featured in this Budget Watch Report. The $74.20 billion spending plan is slightly lower than current year spending, even as lawmakers are expected to have their first budget surplus in many years. 

Modern Management & Sensible Savings

11/2013 // This Report, from the TaxWatch Center for Government Efficiency, highlights more than $1 billion in savings for Florida taxpayers, without reducing state-provided services. The six comprehensive recommendations included in the Report address replacement of the state's accounting system; information technology governance, procurement and state asset management; pension reform; criminal justice reform; state health insurance reforms; and revenue maximization. 

Modernizing the FRS: Switching to a Defined Contribution Plan

02/2013 // Due primarily to its substantial and unpredictable long-term costs, the Florida TaxWatch Government Cost Saving Task Force has made recommendations to reform the current Florida Retirement System (FRS) for the past several years. Given the complexity of this issue, this Report is a further expansion, clarification, and reinforcement of these recommendations.  

Land Use Planning by Referendum: The Economic Consequences of Amendment 4

10/2010 // Jobs and tax revenues would be affected by the passage of amendment 4. Numerous other unintended consequences are analyzed in this report. 

Establishing a Retirement Visa Would Help Revive Florida's Vital Real Estate Industry

04/2009 // "Given the slumping real estate market, this special report proposes the creation of a retirement visa, which would allow foreign retirees to spend their later years in the U.S., allowing them to invest in real estate, while keeping them out of the labor pool. " 

Ensuring that Retirement Plan Fees for Florida's Government Employees are Appropriate- Accountable and Competitive

08/2007 //  

Using Multiple Bundled Providers Adds Competition and Needed Choice to Florida's New Optional Retirement Program

04/2001 //  

Florida's New Retirement Program Should Offer More- Not Fewer- Informed Choices for Employees

01/2001 //  

Optional Retirement Plan is Essential First Step

04/1999 //  

Retirement Provision for Elected Officials Should be Reformed

02/1998 //  

Pension Legislation is an Injustice for All

12/1988 //  

The Graying of Florida

09/1980 //  

The Florida Pension Fund

01/1980 //  


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