Property Insurance

TaxWatch research has frequently examined the state-run components that figure prominently in Florida’s property insurance system: the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (FHCF), Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (CPIC), and the Florida Insurance Guarantee Association (FIGA).

Related Research

Assessing CRC Proposal 88

03/2018 // The Constitution Revision Commission is considering a proposal (P88) that, if approved by the voters, would create a new section in the Constitution to establish a “bill of rights” that expands litigation for residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Florida. Florida TaxWatch has undertaken an analysis of P88 to guide Commission members in their deliberations regarding P88 and its committee substitute (CS/P88), and to educate the voters should the Commission recommend CS/P88 be placed on the ballot for the November 2018 General Election. 

The Effects of a Border-Adjusted Tax on Florida's Property Insurance Market

03/2017 // This report analyzes the effects of applying a border-adjusted tax to reinsurance transactions, and estimates the impact of such a tax on Florida’s policyholders, the property insurance market, taxpayers, and the economy. 

Budget Watch - Governor's Proposed Budget - FY2014-15

01/2014 // Highlights from Governor Rick Scott's proposed budget plan for FY 2014-15 are featured in this Budget Watch Report. The $74.20 billion spending plan is slightly lower than current year spending, even as lawmakers are expected to have their first budget surplus in many years. 

The Effect of Changes in the National Flood Insurance Program on Florida

11/2013 // This Economic Commentary recommends that the required analysis be completed to determine the impact of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act. Removal of the subsidies could affect home values and purchasing patterns, potentially resulting in reduced tax receipts from local property tax collections. To determine if the impact will be substantial, the report recommends the Federal Emergency Management Agency conduct the required affordability study prior to implementation of the Act. 

Modern Management & Sensible Savings

11/2013 // This Report, from the TaxWatch Center for Government Efficiency, highlights more than $1 billion in savings for Florida taxpayers, without reducing state-provided services. The six comprehensive recommendations included in the Report address replacement of the state's accounting system; information technology governance, procurement and state asset management; pension reform; criminal justice reform; state health insurance reforms; and revenue maximization. 

Repeal of Insurance Premium Tax Credit Raises Concerns

04/2013 // Repealing an insurance premium tax credit that was designed to encourage insurance company jobs in Florida without fully assessing the impacts would be unwise, according to this Briefing from Florida TaxWatch. 

Government Cost Savings Task Force Report for FY2013-14

01/2013 // Continuing a legacy that has resulted in the savings of at least $3.5 billion in Floridians' hard-earned tax dollars over the last four years alone, Florida TaxWatch added more than $1 billion in cost-saving options for lawmakers this year, with the release of this Report. This year's Report is the fifth in as many years from Florida TaxWatch, the independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit taxpayer research institute and government watchdog headquartered in Tallahassee.  

Reducing the Concentration of Risk in Florida's Property Insurance System

12/2011 // Just one major hurricane could plunge Florida into a financial crisis as the current insurance system lacks the actuarial soundness to withstand the massive number of resultant claims. Several proposed solutions are examined. 

Ideas in Action - Will Florida's Hurricane Insurance Plan Blow Us Away?

11/2011 // "With the premise it's only a matter of time before the next big hurricane strike, this report, written independently of Florida TaxWatch, details the current property insurance situation and takes a wide-ranging look at possible solutions." 

Risk & Reform: A Florida TaxWatch Analysis of Florida's Property Insurance System

11/2011 // The financing mechanisms of Florida's hurricane property insurance system are a complex as the meteorological factors that cause the devastating storms. This report details the components of the system and describes what must be done for optimal value and protection. 

Florida's Financial Exposure from Its Self-Insurance Programs: The Citizens Property Insurance Corporation and the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund

04/2010 // Florida faces a property insurance crisis and this report details the current situation as well as recommendations for improving the solvency of the system 

Proposed Title Insurance Premium Taxation Legislation Would Address Inequity of Taxing Insurers on Premiums They Don't Receive

03/2007 //  

Taxpayer's Guide to Florida's Property and Casualty Insurance System

11/2006 //  

Suggestions for Increasing Affordability and Availability of Property Insurance in Florida

10/2006 //  

Hurricanes and a Florida Economist: Observations on the Economy from the Eye of Wilma

10/2005 //  

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