Economic Development

Vital to the long-term health of the state's economy and job creation, state and local economic development policies, programs, and efforts have been a focus of TaxWatch research for 35 years. 

Related Research

TaxWatch Analysis of Amendment 2

05/2018 // In November 2018, Florida voters have a chance avoid a major property tax increase on owners of commercial or rental property, vacation or second homes, unimproved real estate, or any other non- homestead property. This tax increase will happen if the current 10 percent cap on non-homestead property assessments—scheduled to be repealed—is not reauthorized by the voters. 

Derailing Brightline – The Cost of Taxpayer-Funded Lawsuits

01/2018 // When completed, the new Brightline train will pass through the Treasure Coast region of the state without any planned stops. This has prompted local governments in the Treasure Coast region to pursue legislative and legal remedies in an attempt to derail Brightline. This report looks at these actions, and whether they are in the taxpayers best interest. 

A Second Look at Second-Stage Companies in FL

12/2017 // Launched in 2009 to help second-stage companies grow and create new jobs, GrowFL uses principles of Economic Gardening® to help growing companies throughout Florida overcome obstacles to mature and prosper. 

Now is the Time to Eliminate the Business Rent Tax

04/2017 // It would be difficult to find a more clear and widespread competitive disadvantage faced by many Florida businesses than the Business Rent Tax (BRT). This report looks at how to provide relief. 

The Show May Not Go On: An analysis of the cost of severe cuts to Florida's tourism marketing

03/2017 // Florida tourism is an absolutely critical industry to the state, employing millions of people and contributing millions of dollars to state coffers. Despite its importance to the Sunshine State, tourism is in the crosshairs of the Florida House, a costly decision according to this report. 

Expanding Florida's High-Tech Manufacturing Sector

03/2017 // This Briefing revises high-tech manufacturing, one sector that could benefit from state investment and has been touted in the past by government officials as a way to expand Florida's economic diversity. 

Supporting Sunshine State Shoppers

02/2017 // Florida residents come out in droves to take advantage of sales tax holidays, the subject of this report. These ever-popular tax breaks allow Florida shoppers to take advantage of tax-free purchases on certain items. 

Analysis of Pending CDMP Application by International Atlantic, LLC

09/2016 // Florida TaxWatch has studied the applications submitted to the County by International Atlantic, LLC, and this report details the findings of that review. 

Pay for Performance Contracting

08/2016 // State contracts typically referred to as either performance-based contracting or pay for performance (PFP) are specially formulated so that contracted entities are paid for the outcomes or results of their work, and not just the services that are provided. 

Florida's 2016 Mid-Year Job Growth

07/2016 // This Economic Commentary looks at Florida's mid-year job growth figures, showing that the state has added approximately 244,500 non-farm jobs over the past year. 

The Impact of a $15/hr Minimum Wage

06/2016 // In states across the nation, minimum wage policies continue to dominate political and economic discussions. Recently, two of the nation’s largest states, New York and California, have both passed laws that will gradually raise the minimum wage in those states to $15/hr. This report examines the potential impact of an abrupt raise of Florida's minimum wage to $15/hr. 

Pumping Savings into the Economy

02/2016 // There are very few products or services that impact, in one way or another, nearly every consumer in the United States. One product that does is gasoline. This Economic Commentary focuses on the impact of the reduction in oil prices on the U.S. and Florida consumers. 

Welcoming the World

02/2016 // Tourism is vital to the economy of Florida, and with the recovery of the world economy, international travel across the world is reaching record highs. This, coupled with data showing the major positive impact international tourists have on economies, provides evidence that Florida should expand its efforts when it comes to attracting foreign visitors to the state. 

A Catalyst for Growth

02/2016 // This analysis finds that Florida’s competitive tax climate and welcoming weather entice businesses to our state, but Florida must provide targeted incentive packages that will help create high-paying jobs in the Sunshine State as we compete with other states for domestic and global business. 

Building Florida's High-Tech Manufacturing Sector

02/2016 // As the global manufacturing industry shifts away from classically portrayed steel and car plants to a modernized approach of high-tech manufacturing; companies, countries, and states find themselves looking for a way to best position themselves to benefit from the future of manufacturing. Florida finds itself in a unique position to capitalize on an existing project that could help the state become a world leader in high-tech manufacturing for years to come. 

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