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Gov. Bob Martinez
Holland & Knight

General Bob Butterworth

Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney

Mr. William E. Carlson Jr.


Mr. Juan Castro

Restore Construction Group,Inc

Secretary Ken Detzner

Department of State

Ms. Carol Jenkins Barnett

Publix Super Markets Charities

Ms. Julia Johnson

NetCommunications, LLC

Mr. Jeff Johnson


Ms. Belinda Keiser

Keiser University

Dr. Susan MacManus

University of South Florida

Mr. Daniel Martell

Florida Power & Light

Mr. Jon Moyle

Florida Democratic Party (Ret.)

Ms. April Salter


Honorable Ion Sancho

Leon County Supervisor of Elections

Mr. Patrick Slevin

SL7 Consulting

Dr. Carol Weissert

LeRoy Collins Institute at Florida State University

Engaging Florida's Citizens

People are disengaged from their governments. A well-functioning democratic republic requires a well-informed and highly engaged electorate. Complicated processes and intricate operations procedures erect barriers to understanding how government policies affect their every day lives. Communities need local individuals that can speak with authority and knowledge to those elected or appointed to make decisions on their behalf.

Uninformed citizens lead to disengaged citizens.
Disengaged citizens lead to bad government.
The cycle has to stop.

The Vision

To truly hold government accountable, citizens must understand the process of governance, be informed about most important issues, and be prepared to present their views in such a way that their voices will be heard and respected. The Center for Florida Citizenship (CFC) will arm Floridians with these necessary tools.

The Mission

The mission of the Center is to enable Florida voters to fulfill their responsibility as citizens by educating them on the activities, functions, and processes of their government, informing them on key issues through fact-based, non-partisan research, and preparing them to participate.

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106 N. BRONOUGH ST., TALLAHASSEE, FL 32301     |     TEL: 850.222.5052     |     FAX: 850.222.7476
TEL: 850.222.5052     |     FAX: 850.222.7476

Media Inquiries:  Contact Leah Courtney by Email or Phone: 850.212.5052

Media Inquiries:
Contact Leah Courtney by Email
or Phone: 850.212.5052

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