Pledge to Donors

When you contribute to a nonprofit organization, you expect your gifts to advance the organization’s mission. You expect the organization to observe any restrictions you place on your gifts. Your expectations deserve to be treated with respect. 

But the world of philanthropy is rife with examples of organizations that have broken faith with their donors. It is a problem so common and so serious that it bears a well-known name: the problem of donor intent.

At Florida TaxWatch, we believe that we have an obligation to respect your philanthropic intent as a donor. We believe we are strictly accountable to you, and we pledge always to respect your philanthropic intent. 

To make this pledge explicit, Florida TaxWatch Board of Trustees has formally adopted the following provisions: 

  1. Florida TaxWatch Vision and Mission Statement are clearly and explicitly written in our By-laws. 
  2. The sanctity of donor intent is explicitly written into our Articles of Incorporation, the founding document or “constitution” of Florida TaxWatch.
  3. Florida TaxWatch signs a contract with each major donor who requests it, clearly stating the purpose and intent of the donation and how it shall be spent. 
  4. Florida TaxWatch prepares an annual report to the Board of Trustees regarding the use of designated funding from Florida TaxWatch donors. 
  5. Florida TaxWatch meets with major donors at their request to review and account for the expenditure of their funds in the previous year.
  6. The President & CEO of Florida TaxWatch is personally responsible for answering major donor questions and reporting expenditures of donor funds.
  7. The Board of Trustees meets each year to revisit, review and recommit to the values and vision of the organization.
  8. Florida TaxWatch employs an independent auditing firm to review and comment on its activities and to produce an annual report that clearly shows the sources and uses of donor funds.
  9. Florida TaxWatch By-laws require a vote of 75 percent of the Board of Trustees to make any changes in these provisions for honoring donor intent.

We therefore make this pledge to our donors:

The Board of Trustees and the leadership of Florida TaxWatch will always hold ourselves accountable to you in our use of your generous contributions.


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TEL: 850.222.5052     |     FAX: 850.222.7476

Media Inquiries:  Contact Leah Courtney by Email or Phone: 850.212.5052

Media Inquiries:
Contact Leah Courtney by Email
or Phone: 850.212.5052

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