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Among the issues that effect all Floridians every day, TaxWatch conducts research in the areas of energy production and delivery, environmental policies, and the development of the state's transportation infrastructure.

Related Research

Derailing Brightline – The Cost of Taxpayer-Funded Lawsuits

01/2018 // When completed, the new Brightline train will pass through the Treasure Coast region of the state without any planned stops. This has prompted local governments in the Treasure Coast region to pursue legislative and legal remedies in an attempt to derail Brightline. This report looks at these actions, and whether they are in the taxpayers best interest. 

The Cost of Inaction on The Everglades

04/2017 // Currently more than eight million South Florida residents, almost one-third of the state’s population, directly rely on the Everglades system for freshwater supply. This report examines the cost of the status quo. 

Budget Watch - The Zika Virus Will Place Additional Strain on the Next State Budget

11/2016 // In addition to the serious public health risk for Floridians, the Zika virus is also creating risk for the already tight state budget outlook for next year. 

Pumping Savings into the Economy

02/2016 // There are very few products or services that impact, in one way or another, nearly every consumer in the United States. One product that does is gasoline. This Economic Commentary focuses on the impact of the reduction in oil prices on the U.S. and Florida consumers. 

Meeting Florida's Transportation Investment Needs

02/2016 // Florida continues to grow and is now the nation’s third largest state. After a slowdown during the Great Recession, Florida is on the rise again, and the state will add more than four million new residents by 2030. This report examines the expected needs of the transportation system across the state. 

Budget Watch - 2016-17 Legislative Budget Requests

10/2015 // Florida’s state government agencies have requested $77.835 billion in funding from the Legislature for FY2016-17, which is $1.2 billion (1.6 percent) more than these agencies are expected to spend in the current year. The total request is made up of $29.481 billion in general revenue (GR) and $48.354 billion in trust funds. The GR request is an increase of $854.5 million (3.0 percent). The latest revenue estimates forecast $31.653 billion in GR will be available for FY2016-17 meaning that the agency requests would leave GR reserves of $2 billion. 

Squeezing the Greening out of Florida Citrus

05/2015 // Florida's world-renowned, $10 billion citrus industry is an important sector of the state economy, providing thousands of jobs and capital to agricultural regions. As the nation's largest supplier of citrus, the success of this industry is vital to Florida's diversified economy. 

Making Room for 100 Million Visitors

04/2015 // To bring attention to the current state of Florida’s infrastructure, and whether it can continue to meet the needs of both residents and visitors, this report looks at evaluations of the capacity of various components that support the tourism industry, including airports, roads, and cruise terminals. 

Florida Is The World's Port Of Call

04/2015 // Florida residents are keenly aware that tourism is an important economic engine providing power to the state economy, and several Florida TaxWatch publications provide economic data supporting this observation. Tourism is one of the top providers of jobs for Floridians and a serves as a major source of tax revenue for the state. 

An Analysis of the Florida Municipal Power Agency Audit

03/2015 // The Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA) was established in 1978 to provide competitively priced, reliable power and value-added services for its member municipalities. Concern over higher rates has caused some FMPA member municipalities to “break ranks” in pursuit of lower power rates. This report looks at the FMPA, and the oversight, or lack thereof, that currently exists. 

Budget Watch - House and Senate Proposed Budgets

03/2015 // A more than $4 billion dollar difference between the House and Senate budget proposals is detailed in this annual analysis of the initial budgets, which shows that the largest point of contention between the chambers is in funding the health and human services portion of the budget. 

The Lionfish: Threatening Native Fish and Florida's Fishing Industries

03/2015 // The lionfish, native to the Indo-Pacific region, is an invasive species in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean that devours native fish and competes for food with native predators, and represents a threat to several important industries in Florida, including sport and commercial fishing, and to the health of coral reefs and the biodiversity in our waters. 

Palm Beach Renewable Energy Facility No. 2 Plan Raises Questions

12/2014 // In this report, TaxWatch examines a proposal facing the Palm Beach County Commission to allow out-of-county waste haulers to utilize their new renewable energy facility. TaxWatch was asked to examine the proposal by two County Commissioners 

Florida's Transportation System is Adding More Intermodal Components

10/2014 // Florida is taking steps to handle more of the world's trade industry by expanding its intermodal centers, specialized facilities where goods are moved from one form of transportation to another, such as moving a shipping container from a ship to a train or from rail to truck. 

Florida's Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Production

06/2014 // Florida's favorable agricultural climate positions the state as the second largest produce exporter in the nation, according to a new report, which finds that the farming and processing of Florida produce contributes more than $7.5 billion to the state economy. 

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