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Ideas in Action is a public forum to present discussion of issues that affect Florida’s economy, public policy, and concerns that touch the lives of many Floridians. The opinions expressed in this publication are solely those of the author(s), and do not necessarily reflect those held by the members, staff, or distinguished Board of Trustees of Florida TaxWatch.

Ideas in Action - Aligning Actions with Goals

12/2016 // Leading a corrections department and prisons is challenging. A successful leader mustwork with government entities, employees, unions, and their accompanying agendas, all while simultaneously dealing with individuals that our society cannot tolerate. An effective corrections leader must balance what is good for inmates and staff with what is good for our shared society. 

Ideas in Action - Strategic Planning for State Agencies

10/2016 // Every year, Florida public agencies are required to develop so-called strategic plans. But instead of being strategic and linking to adding measurable value to Floridians, these efforts shift to the planning of tactics and assume that existing agency goals are useful or even correct. And each year we are often disappointed with what our agencies deliver to our citizens. This disappointment comes from agencies not asking and answering the right questions. 

Ideas in Action - STEM Jobs

11/2015 // This Ideas in Action, by the Harris Group, details the importance of STEM jobs in Florida. 

Ideas in Action: Improving Law Enforcement Communications

05/2015 // Last year, Florida TaxWatch called for increased spending for public defenders and state attorneys to ensure justice is available for defendants and victims involved in Florida’s court system. The legislature heeded TaxWatch’s recommendation in the 2014 budget. This year, lawmakers should extend their commitment to funding the justice system to law enforcement by investing in the replacement of the state’s law enforcement radio system. 

Ideas In Action: Innovations in Healthcare

04/2015 // Limited health care resources combined with an increased demand for quality care in Florida has led to essential innovations in our current health care delivery system. Telemedicine is one such innovation that Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare has implemented to expand access to care and extend the reach and impact of health care providers. 

Ideas In Action: Over-Regulation of Banking Industry Bad for Everyone

04/2015 // There are so many words that I could use to detail the challenges facing the banking industry in Florida and throughout the country. But, sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words... 

A Checklist for Useful and Practical Higher Education Strategic Plans

10/2013 // This Ideas in Action is written by Roger Kaufman, Ph.D., professor emeritus, Florida State University, and Distinguished Research Professor at the Sonora Institute of Technology (Mexico). The piece discusses how a useful strategic plan can help a University. 

Ideas in Action: On Common Core

10/2013 // This Ideas in Action piece features opinion-editorials published by the Tallahassee Democrat in October 2013. They are republished here with permission from the authors. 

Ideas in Action: Deriving and Using Vital Signs for Assuring Florida Organizational Viability by Roger Kaufman Ph. D.

03/2012 // Dr. Roger Kaufman opinion piece on how companies should measure their long-term viability. 

Ideas in Action - Will Florida's Hurricane Insurance Plan Blow Us Away?

11/2011 // "With the premise it's only a matter of time before the next big hurricane strike, this report, written independently of Florida TaxWatch, details the current property insurance situation and takes a wide-ranging look at possible solutions." 

Roadmap to Sustainable Government Transformation: Why Government Transformation Efforts Often Fail and How to Fix It

09/2011 // "This report, written independently of Florida TaxWatch, outlines the critical elements and a strategic roadmap to achieve sustainable government transformation. " 

Ideas in Action: Increasing the Quality of VPK

08/2011 // "This report, written independently of Florida TaxWatch, defines the necessity of improving the state's voluntary pre-K program. Weaknesses in the current programs are scrutinized and solutions are proposed. " 

The Inaugural Speech of Governor Rick Scott

01/2011 // (From Ideas in Action: verbatim transcript of Jan. 2011 inaugural address) 

Amendments 5 & 6 Deserve Voter Scrutiny

10/2010 // "This report, written independently of Florida TaxWatch, details the salient points of each of these amendments before making recommendations. " 

What if Government Ran Like a Business? The 2007 Solution

10/2010 // "This report, written independently of Florida TaxWatch, makes the case for policy that will rein in spending while promoting economic growth and incentivizing job creation in the private sector. " 

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