Taxpayers' Pocket Guide to the FY2015-16 State Budget

Florida TaxWatch is pleased to present taxpayers with a guide to the FY2015-16 state budget, which went into effect July 1, 2015.

The $78.3 billion budget passed by the 2015 Florida Legislature is the largest in the state’s history. The 2015 Regular Session ended without a budget agreement, so lawmakers had to return in Special Session and passed a budget just 11 days before the new fiscal year began. The budget increases spending by $1.2 billion (1.6 percent), even with the Legislature enacting $400 million in tax relief.

Nearly $23 billion was invested in education, the largest amount in history and per student public school spending is the highest ever (before adjusting for inflation). Legislators were also able to secure funding for many local projects in their districts, although many were vetoed by the Governor. In addition to many facts and figures explaining this year’s budget, past data are also provided to put it in historical context.

The data have also been adjusted to reflect the Governor’s vetoes and appropriations made in other bills. We hope this annual budget pocket guide gives you the information you need to better understand where and how your hard-earned tax dollars are being spent.

The Author

Kurt Wenner, Vice President of Research. Kurt has authored all of the major tax publications produced by Florida TaxWatch, including pieces on Florida’s Intangibles Tax, and general sales, property, and business tax issues.

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