Building Florida's High-Tech Manufacturing Sector

February 2016


As the global manufacturing industry shifts away from classically portrayed steel and car plants to a modernized approach of high-tech manufacturing; companies, countries, and states find themselves looking for a way to best position themselves to benefit from the future of manufacturing. Florida finds itself in a unique position to capitalize on an existing project that could help the state become a world leader in high-tech manufacturing for years to come.

The International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research (ICAMR) is a public- private partnership that looks to expand Florida’s high-tech manufacturing sector. ICAMR recently broke ground on a location in the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (FAMRC) in Osceola County. The location will allow ICAMR to expand and create the opportunity for private business to locate research centers in the same area, creating a cluster effect. ICAMR plans to “develop innovative manufacturing processes, materials, and equipment for advanced sensors and other future high-tech products.” The project currently partners local governments, state universities, and the private sector (with plans to include state investment) creating an early entrance into the budding field of high-tech manufacturing.

The Author

Kyle Baltuch, M.S., Economist. Kyle earned a Master’s degree in Applied Economics from Florida State University and was the Neil S. Crispo Fellow at Florida TaxWatch prior to coming on as an Economist.

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