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Examining the US DOE's Proposed Loan Repayment Rule

06/2017 // The Rule, which will take effect on July 1, 2017, permits the Department to discharge student loans, thereby relieving the student of any obligation to repay the loan. This report looks at the possible impact on Florida taxpayers.

2017 Session Wrap-Up

05/2017 // The 2017 Legislature passed only 249 bills, the second lowest number in at least the last 15 years. This wrap-up details the issues TaxWatch followed this year.

2017 Final Tax Package Analysis

05/2017 // This Session Spotlight is a look at the provisions in HB 7109, comparing the Senate amendment to the original House bill, and an examination of other bills and proposed constitutional amend- ments dealing with property taxes that have passed or are expected to pass and that could also reduce the taxes Floridians pay.

Budget Watch - Proposed Budgets for FY2017-18 Far Apart

04/2017 // As we enter the penultimate week of the 2017 Legislative Session, the next state budget is still very much up in the air. The House and Senate spending plans are effectively $4 billion apart.

The Outlook for Tax Relief from the 2017 Legislature

04/2017 // This report is a look at the provisions in HB 7109, along with the Senate bills that contain one of these provisions and that have cleared at least one committee. Following this analysis is an examination of several bills and proposed constitutional amendments dealing with property taxes that could also impact the taxes Floridians pay.

The Cost of Inaction on The Everglades

04/2017 // Currently more than eight million South Florida residents, almost one-third of the state’s population, directly rely on the Everglades system for freshwater supply. This report examines the cost of the status quo.

2017 Taxpayer Independence Day

04/2017 // On April 17th, Floridians will celebrate Taxpayer Independence Day 2017, the first day of the year where taxpayers are no longer working to pay off their tax bill but are working for themselves. This symbolic date, calculated by Florida TaxWatch, assumes that every dollar earned from the start of 2017 went to pay taxes at all levels of government.

Now is the Time to Eliminate the Business Rent Tax

04/2017 // It would be difficult to find a more clear and widespread competitive disadvantage faced by many Florida businesses than the Business Rent Tax (BRT). This report looks at how to provide relief.

2017 How Florida Compares: Taxes

04/2017 // This annual report details how Florida stacks up against the rest of the nation in terms of taxes and fees.

The Effect of Repealing the Insurance Premium Tax

03/2017 // The 2017 Legislature is considering SB 378, a bill that would eliminate the insurance premium tax (IPT) credit. This report examines the issues involved with repealing the salary credit and concludes it should be maintained.

The Impact of Food Deserts on Public Health & Property Values

03/2017 // Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. This report looks at the effect of food deserts on Floridians' health and life expectancy.

Budget Watch - Final GR Estimates Set Stage for Tough Budget

03/2017 // The General Revenue (GR) Estimating Conference met recently to determine how much money will be available to the 2017 Legislature for the new state budget.

The Show May Not Go On: An analysis of the cost of severe cuts to Florida's tourism marketing

03/2017 // Florida tourism is an absolutely critical industry to the state, employing millions of people and contributing millions of dollars to state coffers. Despite its importance to the Sunshine State, tourism is in the crosshairs of the Florida House, a costly decision according to this report.

The Effects of a Border-Adjusted Tax on Florida's Property Insurance Market

03/2017 // This report analyzes the effects of applying a border-adjusted tax to reinsurance transactions, and estimates the impact of such a tax on Florida’s policyholders, the property insurance market, taxpayers, and the economy.

Finding the True Cost of Public Education

03/2017 // Per-student spending is an easy-to-use measure by which taxpayers can evaluate public school spending and efficiency. This report finds a more accurate number for taxpayers to use.

Expanding Florida's High-Tech Manufacturing Sector

03/2017 // This Briefing revises high-tech manufacturing, one sector that could benefit from state investment and has been touted in the past by government officials as a way to expand Florida's economic diversity.

Teen Trendsetters: Making a Difference for Florida's Youth

03/2017 // The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy’s Teen Trendsetters program is one great example of a high-quality mentor initiative. This Florida TaxWatch fiscal and economic analysis quantifies the value of the increases in reading scores and positive social impacts of the program.

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Invade Taxpayers' Wallets, Too

03/2017 // This Economic Commentary looks at the potential impact on taxpayers from the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Budget Watch - Analyzing the Governor's FY2018 Budget Recommendations

02/2017 // Governor Rick Scott recently released his $83.474 billion proposed budget, which will be considered by the Legislature as it crafts the state’s new spending plan.

Supporting Sunshine State Shoppers

02/2017 // Florida residents come out in droves to take advantage of sales tax holidays, the subject of this report. These ever-popular tax breaks allow Florida shoppers to take advantage of tax-free purchases on certain items.

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