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Budget Watch - Analyzing the Governor's FY2018 Budget Recommendations

02/2017 // Governor Rick Scott recently released his $83.474 billion proposed budget, which will be considered by the Legislature as it crafts the state’s new spending plan.

Supporting Sunshine State Shoppers

02/2017 // Florida residents come out in droves to take advantage of sales tax holidays, the subject of this report. These ever-popular tax breaks allow Florida shoppers to take advantage of tax-free purchases on certain items.

2016 Jobs in Florida: Year in Review

02/2017 // With an addition of 257,000 jobs in 2016, Florida continues to rise from the Great Recession. Over the past year, nearly all of Florida's major industries have seen employment gains, and the unemployment rate has fallen to 4.8.

Corrections in Context

01/2017 // To identify areas in need of improvement, this report is a longitudinal analysis of the state’s sentencing, incarceration, prisoner, and correctional budget histories.

2016 Annual Report

01/2017 // The 2016 Annual Report - Bridging the Gap Between Taxpayers and their Government

2017 Economic Preview

12/2016 // As we close the door on a strong 2016 for Florida’s economy, it is time to look at what could lie ahead for the state in 2017.

Budget Watch - Revenue Estimates Increased Slightly, Shortfall Looms

12/2016 // Lawmakers received a small measure of positive fiscal news from state economists this week. The General Revenue (GR) Estimating Conference met on December 12, 2016 and increased its revenue forecast by $119.3 million in the current year (FY2016-17) and by $22.6 million for the next budget year (FY2017-18).

Budget Watch - The Zika Virus Will Place Additional Strain on the Next State Budget

11/2016 // In addition to the serious public health risk for Floridians, the Zika virus is also creating risk for the already tight state budget outlook for next year.

Bees, Please Don't Buzz Off

10/2016 // Honey bees enable the production of more than 90 commercially grown crops here in the United States. Around the world, more than one-third of food production relies on pollination, which is important to understand because, over the past 60 years, the number of honey bee colonies in the United States has decreased steadily.

2016 Voter Guide - November Edition

10/2016 // This edition of the 2016 Voter Guide details the four amendments on the November 8 ballot. We have provided a notes sheet on page 30 of this Guide, where you can jot down anything you want to remember about the amendments, and take it with you to the polls.

Budget Watch - Projected Shortfall Requires Action

09/2016 // The 2017 Legislature will be facing a very tight budget year. After a string of three straight years with projected budget surpluses ranging from $336 million to $846 million, it is now estimated that during the next legislative session there will be just enough money to fund a continuation budget for FY2017-18. What’s more, significant budget shortfalls loom in subsequent years.

Florida is Still a Donor State

09/2016 // Over the years, Florida TaxWatch has produced several reports examining how Florida fares, relative to other states, in receiving grants and aid from the federal government. Consistent with our past research, this new analysis shows Florida continues to receive far less than its fair share of federal grant dollars.

Discretion on the Bench

09/2016 // This report recommends the implementation of a “Judicial Safety Valve” that would give judges the discretion to deviate from mandatory minimums for low-level offenders, but maintain the rights of victims, offenders, their attorneys, and the state to have input on sentencing decisions at sentencing hearings.

Analysis of Pending CDMP Application by International Atlantic, LLC

09/2016 // Florida TaxWatch has studied the applications submitted to the County by International Atlantic, LLC, and this report details the findings of that review.

Pay for Performance Contracting

08/2016 // State contracts typically referred to as either performance-based contracting or pay for performance (PFP) are specially formulated so that contracted entities are paid for the outcomes or results of their work, and not just the services that are provided.

Juvenile Pre-Arrest Diversion

08/2016 // This briefing explores Juvenile Pre-Arrest Diversion programs, which re-route certain juvenile offenders in ways that hold them accountable while sparing them from an arrest record and lessening the burden on taxpayers.

Budget Watch - Budget Outlook for FY2017-18 Getting Tighter

08/2016 // Just as they did at their last conference in January, Florida’s revenue estimators reduced the state’s General Revenue (GR) projections. The GR Estimating Conference met on August 15, 2016 and reduced expected collections by $131.9 million in the current year (FY2016-17) and by $131.1 million for the next budget year (FY2017-18).

2016 Voter Guide - August

08/2016 // On August 30 and November 8, 2016, Floridians will vote on a total of five proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution. This Florida TaxWatch Voter Guide is designed to provide voters with information about each of the amendments to help them cast well-informed votes.

Budget Watch - Growing Federal Debt Puts the Nation at Risk

07/2016 // In dollars, America’s debt is forecast to reach an astonishing $87.9 trillion in 30 years. This is more than $200,000 for each of the 400 million men, women, and children expected to live in the United States in 2046. This Budget Watch looks at the long-term implications of such a debt.

Florida's 2016 Mid-Year Job Growth

07/2016 // This Economic Commentary looks at Florida's mid-year job growth figures, showing that the state has added approximately 244,500 non-farm jobs over the past year.

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